Clients Are Getting Great Results

The work I do and the impact it can have, is best described through these client testimonials which I hope proffer powerful and positive affirmation of what we can achieve together.

I am grateful to these people for taking the time to pen something of their experience and allowing me to publish it, although, as you’ll appreciate, with anonymity.

Overcoming Fears & Finding Your Passion

To say I was sceptical about speaking to Graeme and for him to coach me would be an understatement. How could anyone tell me how to run my life or what may happen. I had gone through redundancy and a very difficult time at home, but I can honestly say that without Graeme’s insights, support and coaching, I wouldn’t be where I am now. All I would ask, for anyone who has any issues going on in their life, contact Graeme and let him help you discover the passion you have inside.

Ex-Professional Footballer

Having met Graeme in the strangest of places (no further comment), I knew instantly, listening to what he had to say, I wasn’t where I wanted to be, I wasn’t going where I wanted to go – “I was on the wrong plane!”.

Graeme and I stared working together from then on and it literally changed my life. I’ve now set up my own Wealth Management practice and have the belief and confidence being the best me I can possibly be will be every bit good enough. Even better than I ever imagined. I’m in control, I’m completely present and I’m being my authentic self.
If I ever see anyone at a crossroads and not knowing which way to turn, I certainly know the man that will help them choose the best path for them.
Graeme is now a lifelong friend. A brilliant one at that.

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Unblocking Limitations

What sets Graeme apart from other business coaches is that he is not afraid to give his personal opinion. One that is based on his own experiences good and bad.

I engaged his services at a time in my career when I felt I was “rudderless” I was demotivated and lacking in direction.I had originally wanted a set of targets and help with the formulation of goals. Graeme took all this on board and helped me deeply and truly understand how my early experiences had contributed to some of the frustrations I was experiencing now.
In turn we ‘unblocked’ some of my limitations and he helped me make some significant decisions regarding my career.
I unreservedly recommend him and if he decides he can work with you grab the opportunity with both hands.

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Lacking Confidence & Lost

Having never used a life coach, motivator, mentor or had anything to do with airport self-help books before, the idea of taking professional career advice – or ‘mind training’ – from a stranger was not one that particularly appealed to me.

However, I was at a career crossroads, attempting to pivot from an executive position on a newspaper to a mid-level role in a PR agency and it was going spectacularly badly.
I felt completely demoralised, lacking in confidence and ‘lost’. My mojo had gone and I no idea how to get it back. I accepted a friend’s advice to see Graeme not out of any particular faith that he could help, but from sheer desperation.
The result has been absolutely spectacular.
From the first moment I met Graeme I liked and trusted him, and within half an hour of the first session I was convinced he could not only lift my gloom and self-doubt but be of absolute and specific value to me in building a new career.
Quite how he does this is beyond me. It’s not an illusion or a magic trick but a formula to encourage leaps of faith in oneself that I have never encountered before. From generating no business, I was bringing it in with confidence, not because of anything  extra Graeme taught me – the idea of ‘teaching to sell’ is almost a heresy to him – but because he has shown me how to rediscover what was already there within my ability, and build on it.
Everything he does and says, the exercises he recommends, the books he gives one to read, add up to just about the most unpredictable formula for life and business success and happiness I am ever likely to encounter.
It’s not airy-fairy stuff, it’s not fashionable or gimmicky and it doesn’t involve ‘ten steps’ to anything. It is solid professional  advice, delivered in a life-affirming package, that is given to help YOU and YOUR business soar.
If it was within my power I’d give Graeme a knighthood tomorrow. As it is, I have made a friend for life who I know will always steer me right. Cheers, Graeme (and a special thank you to my mate who recommended him.)

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Huge Increase In Revenue

“Thank you for your valuable input over the past 18 months. The ideas and guidance you have given me in my personal life have also added huge value to my business in terms of leadership, marketing and the subsequent increase in revenue.

You are one of only a few coaches that walks the walk having built and sold your own business, so your advice is not from a book, it’s straight from the coalface.”

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Business Coach & Mentor

“I approached Graeme for some advice. He didn’t know me previously but his great reputation preceded him. As can only be with Graeme we became good friends and he became a great mentor of mine.

His knowledge, warmth, care, love and concern run deep and is authentic.”His wisdom, experience, business acumen and sensitivity surpass most people I know and as a result his guidance and advice helped me immensely and immeasurably and I am forever grateful to him for that. Anyone who has the privilege of working with Graeme is exceptionally lucky and I would have no hesitation recommending him.”

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Life Coaching

“Graeme brings to his work an enquiring mind, and a full-hearted willingness to both help and fully support us in our personal journey. His modesty, gentleness, understanding and acceptance of the human condition shows in his approach and in his manner.

Not only does Graeme hear us, but he also carefully listens to what we are saying, as he is fully present, and demonstrates this by the accurate written feedback that he sends out afterwards. He is psychologically centred, grounded, and still, which has to come from his learning from the experience of both his personal successes and setbacks that he has faced and had to deal with in his own life. He is open and available to hear our stories, following where they take us together, without imposing his own ideas or agenda and helping us to try and make sense of what we are having to deal with. I am very pleased to know him and to have worked with him.”

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Confidence & Clarity

“As the CEO of an independent company operating in a niche market space, I am often sceptical about bringing in outside help, however from our first meeting I knew Graeme was a good fit.

He has an uncanny ability to gently guide you through all aspects of your business and personal life, ultimately helping you to make the right decision so you can move forward with confidence and absolute clarity.”

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Start Up

“I was in the early stages of my new business in the health sector and had been recommended to Graeme as a Life and Business Coach. His easy approach and relaxed style immediately put me at ease.

At a time when I was struggling with lots of ideas to take the company to the next level, Graeme concentrated on marketing ideas, implementation and growth. He gave me the confidence that I can do it! I could relate to his style of working as like him, I also believe in the power of the mind in transforming any areas of our life. This was a concept I had followed in my personal life, but not for my business. Graeme has helped me to make a big impact and I am now well on that journey.”

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Expanding Business

“Graeme has helped me to clarify my personal and business goals, plan for success and is a brilliant mentor as I undergo the expansion of my business.

He makes the complex very easy to understand and has both the passion and business experience, which gives confidence in his approach.”

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Selling My Company

I was introduced to Graeme when in the midst of potentially selling my business. I felt uncertain about the best course of action and conflicted regarding my own needs and the needs of my business partner.Graeme listened intently and grasped the details of my circumstances incredibly swiftly.

He was immediately credible to me and managed to provide a balanced input of support and challenge which was invaluable. He was professional, confident, and supremely competent and responsive. Thank you Graeme.

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Growth Phase

“As a business owner running a successful company, I had been feeling swamped with so many issues in the growth phase of my business. I met with Graeme and through several open discussions, I had the chance to analyse what was happening,look at the priorities that I faced and see my business from the grass roots upwards.

Graeme’s style is more like one of a friend who is determined to do everything he can to help. Graeme is walking his talk having run, grown and sold a very successful business himself.”

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Overcoming Depression & Anxiety

“We had tried everything… several doctors and therapists but nothing seemed to help our daughter pull out of her deep depression and total lack of self-worth… until a wonderful client of mine suggested we reach out to Graeme.She worked with him over a six-month period.

Graeme went out of his way to understand her world and connect with her in a way we had not seen possible and slowly she resurfaced and bounced back. His kindness, empathy and practical outlook touched her and us both and showed us a different way of being parents. We will forever owe him. The clincher came last month when they both met socially and she said … I have a love for life again…thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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Clear Strategy For Growth

“Graeme has been a tremendous help to both myself and my team. Having already grown a successful business, Graeme has not only provided a clear strategy to grow our business in a way that delivers results, but also with efficiency and in a way that suits our way of working.

Graeme is also a great personal motivator and mentor and that alone is worth its weight in Gold!”

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Crisis To Opportunity

“Graeme is a true giver and has become a close friend, confidant, mentor and partner in helping me see clearly through crisis to opportunity.He continually gives me tools to monetise my talent.

If I think where I was twelve months ago to where I am now, the improvements are way beyond where I would have been without him. It’s been an incredible journey so far.”

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