I’m Graeme Godfrey

The pressures of daily life can impose huge demands on us, often where business and personal commitments collide. Needless to say, the Corona Pandemic has added another unexpected layer, with new challenges to overcome.

I strongly believe that armed with powerful guidance and coping tools; you DO have the capability to overcome these barriers and choose the life you want to live and live it with passion.

I have personally thrived on being an integral part of many people’s lives, businesses and enterprises over an expansive thirty-five working years. An invaluable grounding that has inspired me and allowed me to utilise my experiences to help other people via my established methods of powerful transformational coaching.

Since building up from scratch and selling my own company five years ago, I have achieved a personal ambition to practise as a top-level mindset coach, helping individuals and businesses grow and succeed. My philosophy for life and business is simple: If you love what you do and you’re passionate about it, with determination and commitment, you can enjoy the journey and reap the rewards you deserve.

The Corporate Coach – Board Advisor

Many companies and their boards are experiencing very challenging issues right now, recognising they need help.  My track record has proven, that as your board advisor,  I can evoke powerful and often much needed change, rousing people from their comfort zone, cutting through the bullshit and looking at the business with fresh eyes.  I find it rewarding that clients continue to affirm that my frank but approachable manner is what many companies require and embrace.

I’ve facilitated many huge transformations, which are often triggered by untangling damaging issues and recognising where positive change can be affected. There is no doubt that the best CEOs recognise that if they want to be successful, they need to be energised, inspired, challenged and motivated.

Empathy. Change. Tangible Results.

We’re not designed to go through life alone. However, close friends and family are not necessarily the right support in certain aspects of our lives. The desire to keep things confidential and therefore locked up inside, can be a contributory factor to suppressing progress and the unburdening of problems. However, sharing with the right confidant is a step to untold feelings of relief and joy.

The Personal Coach – Change Advisor

My unique programme has been developed over many years of successfully addressing a huge spectrum of client needs. As no two client experiences are ever the same, I am never stagnant in my approach; constantly evolving my methods and searching for the insight that might lead you to a powerful, revelationary outcome, or spark an initiative that hasn’t previously presented itself.

My remit is not simply to give ‘words of wisdom’ but mainly to re-energise your passion, allowing you to re-discover things about yourself that have become veiled by the daily grind.

I am told that the intimate face-to-face sessions/video calls are of huge value. It’s a process that’s not for the faint-hearted. Sometimes gritty, often empowering, brutal honesty is what’s needed, so there will be a degree of discomfort. But only by digging deep and having some often-challenging conversations, can truths be addressed and shifts take place. You can then look forward to an outcome of happiness, fulfilment and success.

As your mentor and confidant, I will steer you to action, helping you to cope with the knock-backs and make tangible headway towards unprecedented results.

How We Can Worth Together

To open up greater insight into how I can help you and to initialise our relationship, I will invite you to a discovery session for which I will not charge a fee. These sessions can be cathartic, powerful and empathetic. In most cases, having explored a likely foundation for enhanced happiness and success, clients come away with a real taste of what can be achieved. This can be exciting and uplifting for us both.

However, I also emphasise at this point, that if you find this is not for you, or, I do not feel there is much to be gained from our sessions moving forward, then we can part company, with no pressure for further commitment.

Investing In Yourself

I believe that one of the best investments you can ever make, is in yourself, for yourself and your company. If there is a strong mutual connection and a willingness from both sides to continue, I will invite you to experience a powerful, intense and transformative coaching programme that gives you the tools to change your life and business forever. Each programme is tailored to the individual or business and no programme is ever the same. Read some of the success stories so far.

Holidays recharge the batteries but coaching re-wires the mechanics.